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The Ultimate Bed Bug Treatment Houston Methods

Waking up in the middle of the night and discovering you have been surrounded by an army of bed bugs is one of the worst nightmares you can have. Bed bugs attach themselves to linen, woo, foam especially your mattress and are very difficult to get rid of. They also live in furniture and cracks.

Bed bugs are reddish brown in color. They suck on human blood and look a bit more reddish and swollen after feeding. Their bites are painless and can easily be mistaken for a rash on the skin. The presence of fecal stains on cloth and linen, shed skin and some empty egg shell are used in confirming bedbug infestation.

The following are bed bug treatment Houston methods.

  1. Use Diatomaceous Earth Pesticides

The number one DIY method pesticide on my mind is diatomaceous earth, also called the “miracle dust”. It is non-toxic and can totally eliminate bed bugs within a short time period. It also works on other insects such as fleas, ants and cockroaches.

  1. Vacuum Everything in Your Home

Bed bugs have a way of attaching themselves to almost everything in your home. This is the reason it is common to transport bed bugs around without knowing. They travel with you, attached to that collar of yours, your suitcase, your shoes, rags, towels, name them. When you vacuum everything in your home, you are rest assured of taking out hidden beg bugs and their eggs.

  1. Wash Your Bedding and Clothes at High Temperatures

Just like sterilizing in a hot environment, washing your clothes and bedding will eliminate any bed bug, egg, germ or microbe. Make sure to thoroughly dry them in the machine and treat your bed and wardrobe furniture with any other means before replacing clothes or bedding.

  1.   Vacuum+ Steam Wash

There are some home items like your sofa, fabric and leather chair that cannot be washed properly. Vacuuming is an essential first step, followed by steam cleaning.  Steam is very hot and flows with high pressure reaching every nook and cranny of your furniture. Steam is a fast killer and there is no hiding place for beg bugs and their eggs. A combination of vacuuming and steaming means total elimination for bed bugs.

  1. Use Tea tree, citronella or Lavender oil

If you want to go for bed bug treatment Houston natural methods, the use of essential oils is among the best. The strong smell of these oils serve as a very efficient bed bug repellent. They will kill all bed bugs and their eggs wherever they are applied. Their smell will also leave a fresh sweet scent for you to enjoy.

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