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Three Types of Houston Roaches

Houston roaches have spread at an alarming rate recently, something that has prompted authorities to set up control centers in the effort to deal with this pests. Houston roaches come in different species, and it is worth noting that a main control method for one species does not always work on other. Consider the following:

1. American Cockroaches

They are the common type of roach in Houston, and you can identify them by their body which is dark reddish brown with their heads having lighter colored bands. These cockroaches thrive well in the hot and humid environment which is typical of Houston. The origin of this roaches can be traced to Africa in spite of their name, American cockroach.

These roaches quickly enter homes via drainage pipes and plumbing ways in search of moisture and heat. They will find it conducive under damp and warm areas like the kitchen sinks.

To get rid of this roaches turns out to be a continuous process. By maintaining cleanliness in homes and sealing off pipes properly can greatly reduce their entry into homes. You can look for professional pest controllers to help curb and eliminate their infestation.

2. Asian Cockroaches

They were discovered to have come to Houston from Florida in the 1980s. Their body is light brown and covered with dark bands along the wings.

They can easily fly and sustain their flight, something that American or German roaches cannot do. They enjoy light and will fly directly to it at homes and cluster around it. They are mostly accustomed to outdoors but can quickly adapt inside homes.

It is not easy to control them by surface treatments and sprays as they enter into homes by flying. But it is possible that they respond to some forms of baits and traps.

3. German Cockroaches

The third type of Houston roaches are German cockroaches. They look like Asian cockroaches only that they can not sustain a prolonged flight. They are also very common in Houston just like the American roaches.

They are a dangerous species as they feed on garbage and refuse and this makes them prone to diseases which they can easily transmit. They can grow in population very fast as the eggs are carried on the bodies of their mothers until they hatch. They are attracted to moisture, and thus they can easily find their way into kitchens or bathrooms.

The German roaches can be controlled by most insect treatments offered by pest control professionals. Keeping clean surfaces in the bathrooms and kitchens as well as proper disposal of refuse and garbage will keep the cockroaches out.

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