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All season maintenance programs are designed to keep rodents and insects out of your home for up to 12 months.

Ants. Carpenter ants. Stink bugs. Cockroaches. Fleas .Ticks. Spiders. Crickets. Mice. Silverfish. Earwigs.

Monthly Pest Control



Every Other Month


Every 3 Months


One Time Pest Control Service $ 99 *
A Houston Pest Service technician will perform the following services at each visit

              • Power spray an 8-12 foot liquid insecticide band along house and lawn
              • Granulate around the perimeter of your house
              • Dust weep holes for any insect activity ( performed once on initial service)
              • Sweep eaves, doorways and ceilings free of spider webs, wasp nests and mud daubers
              • Perform a visual Check for signs of termite activity
              • Walk the entire perimeter inspecting for any signs of ant mounds or rodent activity

At Houston Pest Service every job is an inside job. We want to treat both inside and outside the house at every visit unless notified.


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Termite Control And Inspection
The Right Products and The Right People For The Job

There are several different kinds of methods that you could use and we have the right experience to help you know which one is best. Our highly trained termite control experts can help implement the right protection, you never have to deal with termites again.


Houston Pest Service will also install the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System™ with Always Active™ Technology around your home or business. Stations will be routinely inspected and a customized conducive conditions fact sheet provided to help eliminate problem areas that might attract termites.

The Sentricon System was developed as a green product. Where many liquid chemical treatments use hundreds of gallons of chemical solution, the Sentricon System wipes out entire termite colonies using only a few grams of strategically placed active ingredient. It’s the only termite product ever to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. Please watch video above and for more information visit

HOUSTON PEST SERVICE utilizes products like Termidor and Bora Care to control termite infestation getting rid of them for good. A fully matured termite queen will lay up to 2,000 new eggs each day and an aggressive approach to killing termites is often needed to completely exterminate them from your home. you’ll never have to wonder how to kill termites again!

learn how to get rid of termites with the most effective affordable treatment methods available today,


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German Roach Control. ACTISOL

The German roach is a small species of cockroach that is around ½” long. It can be tan, brown, to almost black. It has 2 dark streaks running parallel from head to the base of the wings. It does have wings, but it is not able to sustain flight. German roaches are associated with restaurants, hotels, nursing homes and residential homes.

The German roach is very successful at establishing itself in buildings and is resilient against attempts to eliminate them. The German roach is a scavenger and is omnivorous. They like starch, meats, sugar and grease.

We get the roaches out. No questions asked.


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Mosquito Reduction Service

Mosquito Reduction Service

Starting at $89.99

This program targets mosquitoes where they live and breed from the perimeter of your house to the property lines around your yard.

The applications involves twice a month mist application to the perimeter of your property, in and around the trees and shrubs, and under the decks and against the house. This application targets hiding spots where mosquitoes congregate waiting eagerly to feed on you and your family. These applications will make your property undesirable for mosquitoes to hang around, greatly reducing the amount of mosquito encounters each day.

Let us keep your yard free of mosquitoes ,you and your family can get back to enjoying all those fun outdoor activities again


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Fireant Control Outdoor $139
Topchoice FIREANT insecticide provides single-application control of fire ants for up 12 months. This product controls existing colonies as well as prevents new infestations. And it’s formulated specifically for broadcast application with commercially available spreaders.

High effectiveness, low active ingredient

          • Lowest dose, non-bait, professionally applied insecticide
          • Residual control – just one broadcast application controls fire ants for up to 12 months
          • Effective after rainfall or irrigation
          • No need for fire ant mound treatments
If Houston pest service can’t provide 93% control, we will give you your money back. No questions Asked.


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Rodent and Bird Exclusion
Without removing possible food sources and shelter resources, a trapping and bait program would be unsuccessful. By using only rodent poison baits and traps on an intermittent basis to control rodents, without any attempt to control other factors these rodent populations would quickly and repeatedly rebound. Even the highest quality baits will not compete well with the available foods the current rodent population is accustomed to feeding.


          1. All rubbish piles and refuse need to be eliminated.
          2. Landscaped areas need to be properly maintained with wood piles elevated off the ground.
          3. All garbage containers and dumpsters should have a tight fitting cover.
          4. Rodents can live on the spilled and surplus food from bird feeders and pet food.
          5. It is difficult to completely eliminate all food and shelter sources for mice, because of their lesser food requirements due to their smaller size. However the more food and shelter the mice have, the higher a mice population or infestation could occur. With the higher population, the harder it will be to control.Rats require a lot more food and water. They also require more shelter. When there is a severe infestation of rats, it is usually indicative of a sanitation problem.
Snake Control
Dr.T’s Snake-A-Way snake repellent is the only EPA-approved, university-tested and patented snake repellent on the market today. Snake-A-Way is a dry granular mixture which is easy to apply by lightly sprinkling around homes, cabins, trailers, camp sites, and garages.

          • Dr.T.’s Snake-A-Way snake repellent is the only EPA-approved, university-tested and patented snake repellent on the market today.
          • Snake-A-Way is unique – only snake repellent in the world. Highly effective on poisonous and non-poisonous snakes!
          • Effective repellent for 2 to 3 months–not destroyed by rain
          • University tested, EPA registered and a patented product.
          • As a snake approaches the product its sensory perception is alerted and the snake turns away leaving the area.
          • When applied as directed, it is safe to humans, pets, and the environment.
          • Snake-A-Way is a dry granular mixture which is easy to apply by lightly sprinkling around homes, cabins, trailers, camp sites, and garages and will last up to three months.
          • Normal rainfall will not harm the Snake-A-Way.
          • It has a slight odor which snakes can detect but people and pets don’t.


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